Product Specs

Power, Function Generator, Speaker, and Text Display

We've integrated the power supplies, function generator, keypad, speaker, and text display into one compact and powerful package.

The power supplies use lithium-ion batteries, with a 2200 mAh capacity. All outputs are short-circuit protected, as is the charger. This frees you from having to be plugged in, giving you unparalleled portability, and peace of mind while you're working.

  • +20 V @ 4 A
  • 2x +15 V @ 2 A and 4 A
  • 2x +5 V @ 2 A and 4 A
  • 2x 0 V to +15 V (variable) @ 2 A and 4 A
  • -9 V @ 100 mA

The function generator gives you the waveform you need, when you need it.

  • 2x 1 Hz to 5 MHz sine, +/- square
  • Frequency sweep 20 Hz to 1 MHz in eight ranges
  • Each Portable Electronics Lab includes a speaker with built-in driver, to give some audible life to your ideas.

An amazing 25-key programmable keypad is included, featuring a legend card that can be reprinted for any project, so you know what each key does. And the 4x20 text display shows the frequency, variable voltage, and battery voltage, or whatever else you want. At 9600 Baud, and with an optional back light, you're able to do some really sensational things.

Connection Port

In addition to banana plugs on the side of the function generator, the Portable Electronics Lab also features the Connection Port, a convenient way to access all of the power outputs and function generator waveforms. It's as easy as connecting a wire from your project breadboard to the Connection Port.

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Build a prototype of your project... on paper? PaperChip is a patented electronics lab worksheet that helps you visualize your project layout before you ever cut any wires or seat any components. The paper cut-outs allow you to move components around to find the most efficient positioning and wire routing, keeping your breadboard project neat, which in turn makes it easier to modify and troubleshoot. As an added bonus, your PaperChip worksheet serves as very detailed documentation about your circuit and how it works.

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A lab wouldn't be complete without a multimeter and an oscilloscope. So, this lab has them both.

The multimeter features auto-ranging and auto-power off. Not to mention measuring DC/AC voltage (100 uV to 600 V), DC/AC current (0.1 uA to 10 A), resistance (0.1 Ohm to 40 MOhm), capacitance (0.1 nF to 200 uF), frequency (10 Hz to 10 MHz), and duty cycle (0.1% to 99.9%). It even measures temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius.

The oscilloscope is hand-held and battery-operated making it extremely portable, unlike any bench oscilloscope you've ever seen. It features 4 channels simultaneous at 72 Ms/S, 2 analog, 2 digital, and digital storage. All of this in the palm of your hand.


From the creator of the Portable Electronics Lab comes the patented XTenTips, the multimeter probe tips you always wish you had. XTenTips comes with a variety of tips, including:

  • Battery compartment blade probe
  • Standard alligator clips
  • Micro-alligator clips
  • Breadboard pin probes
  • Breadboard socket probes
  • Magnetic probes
  • Insulation-piercing needle probes

Now why didn't I think of that?

Hand Tools

You'll need hand tools, too. How about needle nose pliers, diagonal cutters, tweezers, screwdrivers, wire strippers (30 – 20 ga), an adjustable temperature soldering iron, and 3rd-hand? They are all in there.


Don't forget your electronic components. The Portable Electronics Lab includes: resistors, capacitors, transistors, regulators, op-amps, digital logic, and assorted solder-less breadboard plug wires.


Have you ever needed a solderless breadboard that was not a standard size or configuration? What if you could combine the flexibility of interlocking building blocks with the function of a solderless breadboard? That dream is now reality. Introducing the patented BreadCubes, a flexible solution to create solderless breadboards that will accommodate any design, any configuration. Just snap them together, and plug in your components and wiring.

The Portable Electronics Lab

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